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Serving to Help those in need

Join us today, for them...


Stay tuned for other companion ministries coming soon! 

"Hummers 4 Hope" (c) + "Caring Connect Cafe" (c)
"Widows On Wheels" (c) + "Wheels 4 Widows" (c)


Carry Each Other's Burdens; Gal. 6:2

There ARE Those who struggle...

There ARE Those in need...

We are dedicated to help those in need, whether they be homeless, jobless, disabled, shut-ins, seniors, etc...

Our services also range from Emergency Transport during inclement weather, (i.e. Winter Storms) to a simple check in on a senior citizen when needed. 

Jeeps-4-Jesus (Canada) is an alliance of Jeep owners who have agreed to equip their vehicles for service those in need.

It is a non-profit public benefit corporation formed to serve communities at large.
 * You do not have to own a Jeep to join Jeeps-4-Jesus (Canada)!

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